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Marvels & Wonders: Geometric design in Cairo during the Mamluk Sultanate

  • Net Loft Building #6-1666 Johnston St Vancouver BC V6H 3S2 Canada (map)

With Eric Broug

$15 - Doors open at 7:30

Medieval chronicler Ibn Khaldun described Cairo as “the centre of the universe and the garden of the world.” Its majestic domes, soaring minarets, and open courtyards were the legacy of the Mamluk Sultanate (1250–1517). Zealous patronage of the arts led to the creation of exquisite masterpieces and some of the most exceptional Islamic architecture and geometric designs ever constructed.

Join author Eric Broug as he leads us through the extraordinary microcosm of Medieval Cairo. Eric will explore some of the basic principles that underlay this design heritage before moving on to demonstrate what was unique and exceptional about geometric design during the Mamluk Sultanate.

Eric is an open and engaging speaker. This talk will be of interest to those with an interest in architecture, pattern, history, and design.

Eric joins us from the U.K. and will also teach two workshops